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If children are emancipated in the state of New Jersey, their parents are no longer legally or financially responsible for them. This usually happens in the context of a parent requesting to no longer be financially responsible for a child after he or she graduates from high school.  

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Emancipation in New Jersey 

Signing Legal Document

Children are automatically emancipated if they marry or enter the military. Although the emancipation statute states that a child support obligation will terminate at age 19, there are many exceptions to that rule, and in most circumstances, there is no automatic age for when a child is emancipated in New Jersey.  

If a child obtains full-time employment after high school, moves out of his or her parents’ home, and is self-supporting, those could all be events triggering emancipation, but it is not automatic.

If a child is 19 or older but is still in high school or another secondary educational program or is enrolled and attending college or other post-secondary education program, then the child can remain unemancipated. Also, if a child has physical or mental disabilities as determined by the State or Federal government, then a child may remain unemancipated past the age of 19. In sum, whether a child can be emancipated by a Court is very fact-specific.

If parents do not agree on a child’s emancipation, then they must request a Court Order deeming the child emancipated.  In that event, a Court will consider:

  • The child’s relationship with his or her parents and whether the child has moved out of the parental sphere of influence.
  • The child’s financial resources
  • The child’s age
  • The child’s health

A parent’s request to emancipate a child may be countered with evidence requiring parents to continue financially supporting their child. 

When to Consult with an Emancipation Lawyer


Whether a child should be deemed emancipated is a very fact-sensitive analysis. Meeting with an emancipation lawyer can help make this process as smooth as possible and protect the needs of your family. 

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If you believe you should no longer be required to financially support your child, or you are objecting to your co-parent’s request to emancipate a child, you will have a better understanding of this process by meeting with an emancipation lawyer near you.

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