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If your child has broken the law and must appear before the court, you must find a juvenile lawyer near you to help your family navigate this process. At Rigden Lieberman, LLC, our family lawyers are extremely compassionate and bring years of experience when serving the needs of Southern New Jersey families. 

How Are Juvenile Cases Conducted?


A juvenile delinquent case occurs when a minor under 18 breaks the law. If your child has broken the law, they may be held in a juvenile facility if there is a risk to public safety. A hearing will occur within 48 hours of juvenile detaining. 

At the first juvenile hearing, the charges and complaint will be reviewed. A parent or guardian must be present at this time, and you may want a lawyer present at this hearing, too. 

When reviewing juvenile cases, the court has three objectives:

  • To have the juvenile take responsibility for their actions
  • To help the juvenile learn how to avoid getting into trouble again
  • To consider any concerns for public safety

The case is resolved when the court determines the necessary next steps. This may include a fine, community service, and any additional guidelines your child must follow. 

Do I Need a Juvenile Lawyer? 

Parental Consult

A lawyer must be in attendance during a juvenile delinquent case. Juvenile lawyers know the court system and can help you satisfy all requirements. A lawyer can help answer questions about your child’s record or the conditions of their delinquency, which must be proven in court. 

When you work with the juvenile lawyers at Rigden Lieberman, LLC, you will have an experienced team on your family’s side. Alexandra Rigden and Ronald Lieberman offer legally sound counsel and support through all family law matters, including juvenile delinquency. 

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